"The Spiritual Reminder I Never Saw Coming from my College Students!" by Meg Bucaro (CatholicMom.com) Photo copyright 2016 Meg Bucaro. All rights reserved.

One of my college students stopped me after class to ask a few clarifying questions about his upcoming speech assignment. We talked through his questions and were both about to walk away from each other. Then he remembered his last question, “Oh yeah... how do I begin my speech again?”

Now, this student had been instructed (multiple times) how to write a proper speech introduction. All the students had ample time during class to learn and practice effective introductions. I knew he knew. He just temporarily forgot.

It reminded me of the time, just days prior, when I was worrying out about a very aggravating situation going on in my life. I'd been praying for months about a resolution and I was getting frustrated because it did not appear that any resolution was happening! I was irritated and growing impatient! But then, it hit me… I had spent more time stewing over this issue than I had spent praying about it. I KNEW that asking the Lord to help us carry our burdens, asking Him for wisdom and giving up our worries to Him, is what we are supposed to do. I even KNEW that doing those things actually do work! However, in those frustrating moments, I forgot. I needed a reminder. And in a moment of clarity, I recalled what I was doing wrong. Only then I was able to work to improve my reactions to such situations.

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Candidly, for a split second I was considering a snappy answer… something like, “Please consider rereading your book chapter, assignment requirements and your notes.” (I talk a lot about the importance of taking responsibility in my college classroom.) However, as my own recent experience was running through my head, I told the student where he should focus when writing an introduction. Patience is what I needed to pass on to my student. I reminded him and seconds later, he replies, “Oh YES! Now I remember… thanks for that!”

I imagine God could easily flick me on top of the head, when I am stuck in my frustration and worry. He could easily say “HELLO!! Do you not KNOW by now that I am handling this for you, if you just let me?” But instead he lets me come to Him, for a gentle reminder that I need.

Why is it so easy, in our challenges, to forget we are not alone; that Christ is there FOR us, working on our behalf, whether we feel it in that exact moment or not?

How can you remind yourself, especially amidst those most aggravating or depressing moments when we feel hopeless and frustrated, to turn to Christ. Could it be that this may just give you that gentle reminder to let go of that steering wheel and let Him take it from you?

My student needed a reminder of something I knew he already knew. Just like we need gentle reminders of how Christ is ever present in our days…especially during our most trying times… if we let him reveal himself to us.

Do you need a reminder as my student did? As I did? Do you spend more time stewing over your stresses or praying over them? Invite Christ into your troubles. Invite Him to remind you that He is for you, working of your behalf, always.

Copyright 2016 Meg Bucaro.