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Today's Gospel: Luke 19, 45-48

There are two things that come to mind for me in contemplating this very familiar story. The first is how the disciples did not recognize Jesus until he spoke to them. Was that because he was in his heavenly form and was not recognizable until he did something human, or was it in their panic the disciples failed to see God's help was available? Given what happens to Peter in verse 30 it could be argued it is the latter. As Jesus said "O you of little faith - why did you doubt?" God is there for us in ALL situations. We only have to recognize him.

My second observation is that this is one of the many times Jesus said "Do not be afraid". In fact, "do not be afraid " is the most common statement made by Jesus throughout the gospels. When we have a relationship with God there is no need to fear. We are never alone, unloved, hopeless. Indeed, this IS the good news!

Unfortunately it seems to be human nature to default to our own reliance. It's all too typical that moments after Jesus tells him not to be afraid Peter begins to drown in his own self doubt. Yet, Jesus is there to reassure him again, and in that moment, all the disciples benefit in seeing Jesus as the son of God. This gospel reminds us, too, that each of us can benefit from seeing Jesus, the son of God.


What are the storms in my life where I need to recognize the need for the Lord's intervention and take comfort in his words "Do not be afraid"?


Dear Lord, please help me to remember to seek you in the stormy times of my life and to see you for who you really are.


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I'm a lifelong Catholic, married, mother of one 19 year old son. I had a renewal of my faith in my mid-forties and since then have sought to strengthen my relationship with God. I particularly enjoy Bible study and Catholic media. One of the highlights of my life was going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2014.