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Today's Gospel: Matthew 17:9A, 10-13

I love John the Baptist. For a long time, my husband was an atheist. He cared nothing for religion, and didn’t want to entertain the thought of ever becoming Christian, let alone Catholic. You can imagine the arguing and struggle that ensued when I told him I wanted to go to Mass. After a long day (and night) filled with arguing and tears, he surprised me when he said he would attend Mass with me, to support me, but that was the end of it. I genuinely never tried to force his faith. I never pushed, poked, or prodded. I did understand that I was the only Bible he would read. I did understand that if he was ever to let Jesus into his heart, I would have to help pave the way. I didn’t have a manual for how to do this. I knew that my role was small.

My husband would see me pray, attend Mass on holy days, sometimes during the week, and on Sunday. He would see our boys celebrate Christmas in a way that was so much more than just gifts under a tree. Secretly, he marveled at it. He marveled at all of it, and the seeds of conversion were planted in his heart. Years later, after I came into the faith, so did he - onn the feast of Pentecost. All those days and nights, I had all the usual saints to look to, for sure, but it was St. John the Baptist that I would keep close to me. He paved the way for Jesus to come into people’s lives, just as our family had done for my husband.


We never lose our responsibility as disciple. How can you reinvigorate and breathe life into that role? How can you pave the way for Jesus to shine forth in yourself and in others?


Lord, I ask that you give me the grace today to bring you to others. For your glory, allow me to reflect your word in action in every person I meet.


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