Can you imagine if your child is having a hard day? He could take encouragement from Scripture by looking at the Word of God on his clothing, blanket or bookbag, read it to himself, and remember that the Word is true, and his circumstances will not defeat him.

Courtesy of Iron-on Scriptures. All rights reserved. Used with permision.

Iron-on Scripture was developed so anyone could wear Bible verses on their clothes, to look at Scripture anytime. As pictured above, these iron-ons can be placed inside clothing, such as the bottom hem of a shirt, so that only the wearer can see them. Or they may be ironed onto jackets, backpacks, or other items and displayed as a witness to the Truth.

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There are packages designed for small children, grandkids, grandmothers, sport teams, policemen, firemen, and military. There is one specifically for family members you have been praying for. Also there is a sacramental package for Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation. The Guardian Angel package includes the Guardian Angel Prayer and two protection scriptures.

Iron-on Scripture can easily go on any clothing, blankets, pillowcases, bookbags and anything that can be ironed. It takes 10-15 seconds with a dry hot iron. It will not wear out after many washings.

The Scripture verses encourage us throughout our day. We can learn to memorize and say them often.

“The Word never returns void and it does what it sets out to accomplish.” Isaiah 55:11

To me, that is exciting!

Courtesy of Iron-on Scriptures. All rights reserved. Used with permision.

Iron-on Scriptures are reasonably priced: a 10-pack is just $10.00; a 3-pack is $5.00. Through March 31, use coupon code EASTER to save 25% on your order!

These Scriptures are printed in Phoenix, Arizona and assembled by women, some grandmas, some in my Bible study group, and some of my closest friends.

Iron-on Scripture is an avenue for kids to see the words and speak it out over themselves. The Bible says that God does not let His Word go forth without doing something on our behalf. So, why not?

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About the Author: Priscilla Santi taught CCD for 12 year and was the Director of Religious Education for 7 years for Our Lady of Grace Parish in Maricopa, Arizona. Her desire is for children to know the word of God. She has five children and 10 grandchildren. She was married to a football coach for 46 years. Her husband is now in heaven. Children’s excitement to know Jesus is her number one desire.