Today's Gospel: Luke 1:26-38

Here in the heart of Lent, we find ourselves celebrating something that is very un-Lentish.

Picture it: a local teen is having a normal day and WHAM! An angel of God, right there.

Mind you, Mary and Joseph were betrothed, so she and Joseph were already married according to Jewish law, just not living together. In fact, her pregnancy wouldn’t have been that much of a surprise…everyone just assumed, you know, the way you might assume when you see a young newlywed couple…

Mary’s Yes at the Annunciation means so many different things to me.

Sometimes, it’s a challenge to think outside the No and beyond the Maybe. It’s a verbal trust fall. I have to lean into God and use my words to prove it. And there are times when that trust becomes reality, just from the act of saying the Yes.

Lately, it’s a gentle way of getting me to keep my mouth shut, saying Yes by not saying anything at all. Mary didn’t defend herself to Joseph. She didn’t argue about her virginity and try to impress or persuade people about the miracle of it all. She let circumstances speak for themselves. She let Heaven do the talking.

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How will you say Yes to God today?


Mama Mary, let your Yes at the Annunciation be a reminder to me that God’s got my problems under control. Guide me closer to your Son, today and every day. Amen.


Copyright 2017 Sarah Reinhard

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