"Commit to Stillness" by Carol S Bannon (CatholicMom.com) Via Pixabay (2012), CC0 Public Domain

"Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you" (Psalm 35:5).

This is my favorite psalm, one I meditate on daily. Oftentimes though it is not on the "will I commit," but "how can I commit"?

It is difficult, especially in today's world, to commit everything we do to the Lord. We have family obligations, work obligations, health issues, children/grandchildren issues. And, lest we forget any of these obligations, present-day technology bombards our ears and eyes with beeps, blinks, chimes, and custom designed sounds to alert us to texts, emails, appointment reminders, updates and more. I am even subjected to an obnoxious shrill siren ordering me to "Evacuate, evacuate, alert alert, evacuate!" when my oven is on clean mode, thanks to the misplacement of a new fire alarm.

We are actually being techno-scolded by inanimate objects demanding our attention . . . and the noise is deafening!

How many of us become so busy we forget food placed in the microwave and only remember when the DONE alarm beeps incessantly? Or the irritating refrigerator chimes when the doors are open too long, especially during cleaning. I have even been known to yell "I'm coming" to the clothes dryer when the high-pitched beeper goes off every thirty seconds. I feel it is shouting out "fold your clothes NOW."

And who ignores social media's notifications? I am easily coerced into answering questions, replying to comments, or reading new Facebook postings when I see a notification pop up, especially if it relates to my family. My home answering machine and my cell phone  wink, blink, flash at me until I listen to the messages or open text messages.

We are not safe in our cars either! The first time I came too close to another car while driving? My dashboard lit up, flashing "BRAKE BRAKE" accompanied with screeching bells until I put my foot on the brake. Not funny, Jeep!

I am tired of being techno-scolded! It is only a matter of time before our homes start beeping, screeching, and blinking warnings at everything we fail to do. Even my Fitbit scolds me when I have been sitting at the computer too long, and blinks a reminder to get moving again.

It is way past time to put these annoying techno-scolds to rest.

Lent is the season to forge a closer communion with God. And that is why I began Lent with a promise to limit technology, to limit the distractions. For me, the cumulative affect of present-day distractions prevents a closer communion with God. Limiting technology and all of its distracting accompanying notifications helps me be more focused, more in tune, with God and His will. I hear Him more clearly. I feel Him nearer. I am happier, calmer, and more at peace during stillness.

Less distractions, more stillness. Greater stillness, closer to God.

Lent 2017 was wonderful. I found stillness, I found a closer communion with God, and I was able to forge a new path going forward. The only scold I need now is a gentle nudge of conscience to remember my Lenten practice. To slow down, unplug, and reconnect with God.

I wonder if they make an app for that!

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