As a recently published Catholic author and illustrator, I am always eager to share the inspiration behind my first published children's book,  On Angels' Wings They Greet the King. As a preschool aged child I was content entertaining myself at Mass by sketching the angel art in our little country church named for the Annunciation. I was also greatly enamored by the large indoor crèche that was displayed each year during Christmastide. Through my young adult years my fascination with the Christmas theme prompted me to fashion original figurines from clay and fabric. My desire to 'inspire' others with a love of Christ's Nativity eventually gave birth to my dream of writing a Christmas storybook.
It was on the feast of St. Francis that I felt an urgency to write the first draft of my book. (St. Francis was the saint who initiated devotion to the Nativity). After many submissions and revisions, my manuscript was accepted by Guardian Angel Publishing and my dream became a reality With my pastor's endorsement, my parish held a book signing for me.  On Angels' Wings They Greet the King was warmly received by friends, parishioners and the local community. It continues to be purchased by angel lovers through all seasons.
The story features multicultural angels carrying children from different lands to worship the newborn King, Jesus. The young pilgrims who are arrayed in native costume share a gift from their culture and prophesy. "Jesus, you will be the Good Shepherd; the Fisher of all; Lord of Creation; and King of Kings." They each make a promise to the angels that they will work to spread God's peace and love. The book concludes with a joyful song.
In the sequel,  The Children Keep their Promises,  these same young people have now matured. They are promoting God's Kingdom of peace and love each in their home lands. Readers have described the colored pencil illustrations as warm and tender with an inclusiveness that draws in all children.
As a pediatric nurse, I believe that Christ centered children's stories have the power to instruct as well as to bring delight and peacefulness. The intended audience for my books is children aged 3 to 8 years.
Sharing my love of angels and the Nativity through storybook reading with parochial school children has brought joy and fulfillment to me.
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"Children's Book Notes: On Angels' Wings They Greet the King" by Rosemary Kuhn ( Author Rosemary Kuhn shares her stories at St. Raphael School Library. Courtesy of Rosemary Kuhn. All rights reserved.

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About the author: Rosemary Kuhn is a pediatric nurse and an active member of St. Raphael the Archangel Parish in Naperville, IL. Visit her website at