Today's Gospel: John 14:27-31A

Jesus is speaking to his disciples about His death. He knows this is hard to comprehend for His friends and followers. He has taught them so much and yet there is still so much to learn. They don’t realize that He has prepared the way for them all along. Their true joy is to be found in the peace that surpasses all things in Christ. Their comfort is the end is just as Christ says it will be, and ultimately, this is a joyful goal for us all, to rejoice in Heaven with our Father.

Funerals are incredibly difficult for me. I am extremely emotional (which is understandable), however, I am that way at ANY funeral, regardless if I knew the deceased well or not. I suppose it is empathy for the family and friends who grieve the passing of their loved one as they struggle to navigate this new and often, unwelcome, “normal”. Rarely though, do I feel sadness for the deceased; rather there is a profound peace for their soul in that they are no longer suffering whatever trials and tribulations this life held for them. I imagine their joy and unbridled giddiness in the splendor of Heaven with Christ, enjoying the freedom that we can all only pray and hope for after our own death. I think this is what Jesus wants to convey to His disciples (and us); there is hope, there is joy, death is only the beginning.

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Spend some time today in prayer for the repose of souls and rejoicing in their heavenly home.


Jesus, help us to understand Your sacrifice for us and to live our lives in grateful thanksgiving to You each day, because we know it is through Your sacrifice that we will rejoice with You for all eternity.


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