"The Holy Trinity: An Explorer's Go-To" by Christina Nagy (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2017 Christina Nagy. All rights reserved.

I have a distinct memory from when I was a kid that centered on the Holy Trinity. I had just overheard two adults discussing how hard it was to wrap their minds around "three Persons in one." I remember feeling shocked and confused, since in my childish state the concept seemed so obvious. Without considering that I might be out of place due to my youth, I assured them that it wasn't hard at all to understand! I then went on to share an image demonstrating this concept that I had picked up from somewhere: that of a three-bladed fan. Although the two appeared to be impressed, my guess is that they were likely patronizing me a bit. However, that memory still lingers, and I have thought about it often throughout my life. Were those two church-going adults truly confused about the three-in-one concept, or were they actually puzzled about one of its deeper mysteries?

The Feast of the Holy Trinity which we recently celebrated is one of the few feasts designated in the church that centers on a specific mystery. I think that this is perfectly logical given that it is so central to our faith.

​Personally, I think that the Trinity is mind-boggling. There is so much to learn with so many avenues to follow in exploring its depths that one could easily spend a lifetime searching and only cover part of it.

For those who love learning and enjoy the thrill of discovery, the Trinity is a perfect go-to. Revelations abound, so getting into this intense mystery provides lots of reward for those explorers willing to dive deep.

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And for those of us not feeling the call to take that plunge quite yet, there is still so much to gain in just touching the surface. Understanding the Trinity is to understand who we are. Unearthing some of its truth means that we can find some of the answers to the questions of why we are here, what we are called to be, and where we need to be going. Each of us craves these answers. The whole world craves these answers.

So let's not be afraid to take a chance and stick our toe in the pool! I think we'll find the water cool and inviting, drawing us ever deeper into an understanding not only of the true nature  of God as three Persons, but of ourselves as well. What answers lie waiting for you to find as you continue on your journey of exploration?

Copyright 2017 Christina Nagy