"Puddles, rain and Christ's divine help" by Ebeth (CatholicMom.com) Photo by Dr. Dwayne Meadows, NOAA/NMFS/OPR (2010) via Mary's Rosaries Public Domain Images, PD

Our pastor had an interesting homily for the Ascension that intrigued me. The apostles were at a loss when Christ was taken away from them. What they didn't realize is that on earth as a human, Christ could only do so much. Comparing Christ, bear with me now, to a puddle, we can see just how this works.

A puddle is an amazing and inviting water source to birds for a drink or a refreshing bath. Children love puddles to stomp and splash around in. Animals find it a cool libation, but a puddle is only good to those who go to it, visit where it is. Now, on a sunny day, the puddle is evaporated into the air and made into clouds. When the clouds are full, they make rain. This rain falls on so much more space than just the little limited spot it laid as a puddle. Water falling as rain refreshes the trees and other vegetation, calms the pollen in the air, washes the dust and pollen off the streets and cars, and cools all that it touches. After the rain, the earth looks so green and refreshed, cleaner and rejuvenated.

Just like the puddle, Christ was only able to be one place at a time physically. He was only able to help those around him that he could see or was told about. Only those who came to him, visited him, or were near him could receive help from our Lord. But when he was taken up to Heaven, Christ was then able to reach all out to all peoples wherever they are. He sees all and knows all; Christ knows who needs him and how they need him. From his perspective now, Christ's mercy and divine grace rains upon the earth both near and far.

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Since that homily, I haven't looked at rain the same. Now, I feel that Christ is soothing and cooling our world of the dust, dirt, and pollen on the walkways, and cars. Now I look at the refreshed trees and flowers as witness of Christ's love and mercy. If I see a rainbow?  Ahhhhhh!

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