One of my brothers who’s a skilled carpenter was doing me a favor, giving me a day of his help at the house. He drove in with his whole family and once they unloaded from the car and the kids were all situated, he got right to work. We had a kiddie pool in the backyard, and most of the kids were back there splashing in the water while we non-working big people enjoyed some shade and visiting. But my brother’s two sons followed him when he went out to the garage to set up his tools. They were about three and four at the time, and each had their own little tool belts (of which they were very proud).

All afternoon they helped their Dad as he moved from job to job.

We ordered pizzas for dinner, and when they came I went to let my brother and his boys know it was time to eat.

“Pizza’s here,” I told them.

One of his boys was holding a board for his Dad. He looked up and answered: “Can’t eat. Workin’.”

I had to smile.

Now where had he heard that before, I wondered?

His Dad smiled, too. And then kept on working. All three of them. They finished their job and only then came in for pizza.

I was reminded of the song about a biblical father who was also a skilled craftsman:

I know you’ve heard of Joshua

He was the son of Nun

He never stopped his work begun

Until his work was done

Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho

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Men like that don’t just fall off the trees. Joshua-Men are formed—and thank you to all the fathers out there doing the forming!

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