Today's Gospel: Matthew 10:34—11:1

Today’s Gospel is a difficult one to read and understand. I usually think of Jesus as someone who would encourage my family to remain close and support one another, rather than someone who would cause division among family members. Here Jesus is reminding us that He is to be our true priority in life, above even those that are most important in our earthly life.

Like many mothers, I have a necklace that has three charms hanging from the chain, each one engraved with one of my children’s initials. I wear this necklace most days that I work, as it helps me feel close to my children while I’m away. I keep this necklace in a drawer with most of my other jewelry, and in that drawer it sits among other necklaces, including a crucifix, and my Miraculous Medal. Every once in a while I feel strange reaching for the my “mom” necklace instead of one of my more religious necklaces. It may sound silly, but I sometimes feel that I am placing a higher priority on proudly displaying my children rather than proudly displaying my God and my faith. I certainly don’t imagine that God doesn’t want me to be proud of my children, or to feel close to them during the day. However, in the moments I pause before selecting a necklace, perhaps it is God saying: “Remember Me today, share Me with others today, nurture your relationship with Me too.” It is so easy for me to neglect my relationship with God in the midst of mothering three young children, working, nurturing my marriage, and housekeeping. God wants us to love all of those around us as much as we love Him, but we cannot forget His call to first love God above all else.

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What do I commonly place as a higher priority than my relationship with God? How can I overcome the things that prevent me from putting God first?


Dear God, help me to make my relationship with You a priority today. Help me to trust that You will provide all that I need if I commit myself to You.


Copyright 2017 Theresa Carroll

Theresa is a part-time working, cradle Catholic mom of two (soon to be three) littles living in Chicagoland. She occasionally blogs at In Search of Simpler. You can also find her on Twitter: @searchofsimpler and Instagram: @Tessie845.

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