Today's Gospel: Matthew 20:20-28 - St. James the Apostle

There are days when I think I might be improving in the virtue of humility. Days when serving my husband and children comes a little easier. Days when my patience seems less strained and my interior self is peaceful.

And then something happens with one of my children. Maybe my son tells me about some unkind words that were personally addressed to him at school that day. Or my daughter tells me that one of her friends suddenly stopped playing with her at recess. Or my oldest expresses worry over a test or assignment that seemed unnecessarily challenging or “unfair”.

When I hear things like this from my children, the proverbial mama bear wants to take over, acquiring for my children what I think they are entitled to, and leaving any semblance of humility behind.

In today’s Gospel, it is the mother of James and John who initiates a prideful exchange between the apostles and Jesus. She is the one who first points out what she thinks her children are entitled to. But Jesus is quick to remind all of us that we are entitled to nothing. All is a gift from God, and our hearts should only seek to serve Him Who has given us so much. Then we will be sure to reap the rewards for which we never thought to ask.

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Instead of reacting out of anger or pride at an “unfair” way that one of your children is being treated, how can you turn the situation into a lesson in humility?


Dear Jesus, please help me to guide my children in the way of servitude and humility, beginning with my example.


Copyright 2017 Charisse Tierney

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