Book-Notes-720-x-340-dark-gold-outline-and-medium-blue-pen-_-Notes-light-blue-702x336 When an old friend called and reminded me of a story I had written years ago, my heart sank. That particular story had been burned to cinders in the depths of my despair. To my utter discomfort, she reminded me of its premise and insisted that it had been haunting her. Haunting her? Great. I was already being haunted by the loss of my husband, an overwhelming sensation that I was most certainly not up to the task of raising my eight kids alone, and a growing sense of disconnect with the world around me. I hardly needed any new supernatural terrors added to my days or my nights. But then again ... God works in mysterious ways. Yep. That’s my God. The One who created me without asking. The One who offers Himself to us in life and in death. The One who forges a way through indescribable suffering to Eternal life. Over the next few days, odd occurrences happened often enough to assure me that I was either going mad, or God wanted me to revisit that eighteen-year-old story. I decided to revisit the story. What appeared on my laptop was a bit different than the original work. I was different. There was probably a very good reason why that story, Last of Her Kind, had to be postponed for so many years. Undoubtedly, I wasn’t ready the first time. I certainly didn’t have the writing skills or the experience to visualize the main struggle in the book. And what was that struggle, you ask? The struggle to accomplish the will of God — of course. Last of Her Kind centers on an alien — a light being named Cerulean — who visits Earth every ten years and falls in love with the last woman to have a baby. Cerulean’s people, Luxonians, are struggling against an apocalyptic fate as well. Observing the nobility of a mother’s enduring love, Cerulean is reminded of his own strength and what it takes to survive as a race of beings — love beyond hate, hope beyond despair. Last of Her Kind endures the death of Oldearth but ushers in the hope of Newearth. Cerulean will be back. Humanity will revive. Hope lives to face another day. We face the end of an era every time we mark off another year on the calendar. It is a healthy reminder that time passes, but something beyond months and years exists, and our God marks more than the passing day. He marks our lives growing toward Him or away from Him. Our days on Earth will determine where we spend our New Life. Where will our story lead us? Visit our Book Notes archive.
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