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"Breaking Free" by Deanna Bartalini (CatholicMom.com) Pixabay (2014), CC0 Public Domain[/caption] In that way the Holy Spirit has of nudging you, I was nudged into reading the book Unbound by Neal Lozanao. And in God’s goodness, I was able to pray with someone who helped me unburden myself of much in Jesus’ name. And then, our diocese decided to start a prayer team dedicated to using the Unbound model of healing and deliverance. I am a member of “heal team 1” as we call ourselves. We are now training team 6! It is the most amazing ministry I have ever been a part of or ever will be a part of. Each time I pray with someone I realize what a gift we have in God’s mercy. I am humbled as the person I sit with tells me their story, the wounds and burdens they have carried for years. The sins they have confessed over and over again because they cannot forgive themselves. Then we pray in the name of Jesus to forgive others and ask forgiveness for ourselves. We pray that any lie we believe about ourselves leave us. We give thanks. We receive the Father's blessing. We are set free. Why am I telling you about this ministry? Two reasons: I think it may be the Church’s best-kept secret and I can’t keep it to myself. Every time I pray with a woman I am reminded how much we take on ourselves, the standard we hold ourselves to, and the lie that we are not good enough. And our Father says “stop it, you are my daughter and I love you.” God created us, and we are good, very good. It says so in Genesis 1:31, “God looked at everything he had made and found it very good.” I encourage everyone I know and sometimes people I’ve just met to read the book. And then I suggest they get prayer with someone who has been trained in Unbound. I'm encouraging you now. You can find the book on Amazon or on the website, Heart of the Father. Neal has also written some great books for children too. Check and see if there is a  prayer team near you. Take a look around the site, get a book, pray. Live in the freedom we were created to have by our Father.
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