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Novena for the Sanctification of Modern Media by Cathy Gilmore (CatholicMom.com) Via Pxhere.com (2017), CC0 Public Domain[/caption] We are called to overcome evil with good ... even when spiritual emptiness and moral toxicity in so much of modern media and entertainment seems to be fragmenting our society. Goodness in media is available, but often it is buried under the bad. Too many of the souls of our children and teens are threatened or enslaved by darkness. God calls us to be bearers of light to set them free. We need to superpower our efforts with prayer. You are invited to join in a prayer for the sanctification of American entertainment and media. Between March 17 and March 25, we can come together as a big Catholic family to pray. Venerable Patrick Peyton always said, "The family that prays together, stays together," right? We are all extended family in Christ. Spiritual unity brings us strength to protect all our families and renew our culture. As I have spent time talking with parents, grandparents and teachers in my work establishing the plans for Virtue Works Media, I had an important realization. Amidst a vast array of morally misguided media and technology, we worry and fuss, fret and discuss our concerns about raunchy music, explicit movies, disturbing books, and more. But we rarely pray specifically about these things. The old adage "you get what you pay for" keeps coming to my mind, but rephrased slightly. Jesus told us if we pray in His name, consistent with God's will ... you get what you PRAY for! Let's target the power of prayer at the heart of America's cultural depravity. Our prayers won't magically change everything. But perhaps we will create thousands of tiny cracks in the darkness that later on God's light will burst through. The hidden blessing is that often when we pray for something or someone else to change, God often changes us. Let's pray for a spiritual renewal of virtue in American entertainment and media and see what God does inside the story of our own lives too.

A New Kind of Novena

Here's the plan. We are going to pray for nine days (that's what makes it a novena) between March 17 and March 25. Pray all nine days if you can, or join in for part. Pray as a family or alone. The prayers are simple. Since the Rosary is so powerful, this novena is structured around prayers in the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. Mary is our Mother and Queen. We can run to her in the dark. We are praying to renew our media and entertainment culture with virtue in order to safeguard our children and families. So it is fitting to focus our reflection walking with her through the infancy and childhood of Jesus. You'll notice that our desire to overcome evil with good is reflected in the choice of the Joyful mysteries, an emphasis each day on specific virtues, and some positive references to the Ten Commandments. Each day's prayer will be posted on CatholicMom.com at 6 AM Eastern. These links will work as the novena prayers go live each day, so you may bookmark this post or check the homepage for the prayer. Day One: March 17 Day Two: March 18 Day Three: March 19 Day Four: March 20 Day Five: March 21 Day Six: March 22 Day Seven: March 23 Day Eight: March 24 Day Nine: March 25 Receive CatholicMom.com newsletters in your inbox! * indicates required

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