Novena for the Sanctification of Modern Media by Cathy Gilmore ( Via (2017), CC0 Public Domain[/caption] We join together for our third day of prayer for a renewal of virtue in American media focusing on music creators and music listeners and fans. We also ask for the prayers of St. Joseph to especially inspire the leadership of fathers as they guide the media and entertainment choices of their children. March 19: Feast of St Joseph: Prayer for God to renew the core beliefs of American musicians and song writers with virtue. Heavenly Father, renew the core beliefs of American musicians and song writers with virtue. Dear Saint Joseph, please pray for the strength and leadership of fathers and grandfathers to guide the children and teens in their care to choose music (and movies and other media) that inspires virtue in their souls. Empower these dads and grand-dads to exercise their leadership with loving and joyful firmness so that their words and example sticks with their kids and grand-kids like a favorite song. Dear Blessed Mother Mary, we ask you to pray with us for faith, humility, acceptance, mercy and hope to inspire the souls American musicians and songwriters. May the Holy Spirit inspire music makers to create songs and lyrics that uplift the human spirit and honor the holy name of God whenever He is mentioned. May American music fans seek out music and support musicians whose work does no spiritual harm to mind or soul. Pray the first decade of the Joyful Mysteries: The Annunciation.                                                        One Our Father and ten Hail Marys. Picture Mary as a young teen girl listening to the music of angels in her mind when she humbly answered Gabriel, "I am the handmaid of the Lord."  Mary had faith in God's plan and accepted God's will, so that the mercy of God, in the person of Jesus, could be conceived inside her womb. Imagine Mary's joyful song in your heart. Thanks for joining us in these nine days of prayer together. (Or at least as many days as you can!) I gratefully, humbly ask you to also include Virtue Works Media with your intentions in each of these daily prayers. Let's start today and take the inspiration and strength we receive through these prayers to communicate a joyful desire to create and consume virtue in media and entertainment in our little circle of life. God is the original creative artist; working with him we can have confidence that it is possible to overcome evil with good and renew the face of the earth, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley and beyond.
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