Novena for the Sanctification of Modern Media by Cathy Gilmore ( Via (2017), CC0 Public Domain[/caption]   We join together for our sixth day of prayer for a renewal of virtue in American media, focusing in a special way on film- and video-makers and all who watch what they create. March 22, Prayer for God to infuse virtue in the hearts of all who create and consume movies, TV shows and online videos. Heavenly Father, infuse virtue in the hearts of all who create and consume movies, TV shows, and online videos. Dear Blessed Mother Mary, we ask you to pray with us for the virtues of true joy, genuine trust, heartfelt devotion, sincere empathy, and authentic gratitude to be the emotional foundation of the storytelling that is created and consumed on small and large screens in America and beyond. We pray that the visual imagery that we fill our imaginations with will be created to honor the chaste self-mastery to which each man and woman is called. We pray for film-based storytelling that honors the holy miracle of life-long marriage that builds strong families. We pray that senseless violence, explicit sex, and base profanity are no longer used (as cheap, addictive sales devices) in the creation of films or videos. Pray the Fourth Decade of the Joyful Mysteries: The Presentation at the Temple                                        One Our Father and ten Hail Marys Picture Mary and Joseph bringing young Jesus to the Temple for the Presentation. Elderly Simeon recognizes Jesus as the Messiah and recognizes the suffering Mary will face as His mother. Allow Simeon's patience with God and Mary's commitment to her calling to inspire you to choose film entertainment that is noble and chaste. Thanks for joining us in these nine days of prayer together. (Or at least as many days as you can!) I gratefully, humbly ask you to also include Virtue Works Media with your intentions in each of these daily prayers. Let's start today and take the inspiration and strength we receive through these prayers to communicate a joyful desire to create and consume virtue in media and entertainment in our little circle of life. God is the original creative artist; working with him we can have confidence that it is possible to overcome evil with good and renew the face of the earth, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley and beyond.
Copyright 2018 Cathy Gilmore