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On a recent episode of the Son Rise Morning Show, we discussed a surprising connection between our high-tech devices and child labor in locations such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Listen to the conversation here: According to a special investigation released by CNN this week, you and I may be complicit in exploiting child labor simply by using our cell phones, laptops or electric vehicles. CNN reports:
 A CNN investigation has found that child labor is still being used to mine the valuable mineral at some operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This country produces about two-thirds of the world's cobalt and is estimated to sit atop half of the globe's reserves.
This is significant in that lithium-ion batteries are in greater demand than ever as our deman for smartphones and electric vehicles continues to rise. Rising demand causes rising prices which means the supply chain is more lucrative than ever. Unfortunately, in the Democratic Republic of Congo and likely in other cobalt-rich areas of the world, this means that young children are being pressed into labor to mine cobalt.
Pope Francis on the "scourge" of child labor:

So what can we do, short of stopping our usage of these products?

Certainly, there is not a "quick fix" to this endemic problem. Let us pray together for the protection and dignity of every human life.

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