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tech talk redesign It’s rarely talked about in Catholic mom groups. No one wants to be the one to admit that her husband watches porn, which means that thousands of women are suffering in silence. It’s especially difficult if your family is known to be regular church-goers, active in the parish, or holds a leadership position in the community. Sharing your struggles with your friends just doesn’t feel like an option because of the judgement that will come upon your family. So, what can you do if your husband watches porn? Where can you turn? To begin with, believe that there is hope and that healing is possible for both you and your spouse. Remember that no matter how devastating the situation may be, with God nothing is impossible. Know that you have a right to be upset. Pornography is not a victimless sin. In a marriage in which pornography use is present, both spouses are negatively impacted. The spouse viewing pornography becomes selfish, unable to be sexually satisfied, and often lives in a fantasy world. Those who discover that their spouse has a pornography addiction often experience what is known as Betrayal Trauma. Symptoms of this include anxiety, difficulty concentrating, headaches, insecurity, and changes in eating or sleeping patterns. Present your concerns to the Lord. Our God is a healer. He wishes to restore peace and joy where this is brokenness and pain. Ask Him to reveal to you the path you should follow. Intercede for your spouse. Pray for mercy and grace to be abundant in your home. Find support. If you have concerns about talking to your friends and family, consider finding an online community to help you process what is taking place in your home.  Bloom For Catholic Women is a new community that provides therapeutic and spiritual online courses for women healing from the trauma of their husband's pornography use. Their mission is to help women gain an understanding of addiction and the resulting trauma, as well as to provide tools that will guide women to a path of healing and recovery from a truly Catholic perspective. Though at times you may feel alone in your struggle, unfortunately, you are not. The billion dollar pornography industry has infiltrated too many good Catholic homes. The good news is that there are countless stories of hope that prove this addiction can be conquered. Be strong in the Lord and take the steps necessary to be free of the shame, fear, and burden that your husband’s pornography problem has brought into your life. Find out more at bloomforcatholicwomen.com. "Where can you turn if your Catholic husband watches pornography?" (CatholicMom.com) Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash.com (2017), CC0 Public Domain[/caption]

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