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Saint Faustina, Will and Hope

When I read the writings of  Saint Faustina I am reminded how saints are human too. Before I read this reflection by Saint Faustina, it never occurred to me that a saint would suffer from the same struggles of impatience and will as I do. I found comfort and hope in Saint Faustina's words.

I surrender my will to You this day.

Saint Faustina once said, “Lord, I am so very impatient at times. I allow many feelings, emotions and passions to control me and to dictate my actions.  I surrender my will to You this day. May Your Divine Will be done in all things rather than my own.  Jesus, I trust in you.” This morning when I read this reflection, I felt as if Saint Faustina must have read my mind. I cannot imagine that someone as wonderful and good as Saint Faustina could experience these same struggles of the will I do.


Earlier this week I had a conversation about this very topic with my friend and priest. By his reaction, I am sure I am not the first one he has heard this from. The struggle is real. Sometimes my will draws me in a direction that takes me away from God. I know this, I am aware of it, yet my will tugs me in a direction I know is not leading me to God. It does not necessarily have to be a huge thing, but a small step in the opposite direction of God. That small step impacts me and my relationship with God.


Saint Faustina identified a part of the issue: impatience. Patience allows us to have faith, to put things on pause, reevaluate the situation, and find true north towards God. There are times, in my impatience, when I do my will, not the will of God. Saint Faustina offers the best advice in her statement to God, “I surrender my will to You this day. May Your Divine Will be done in all things rather than my own. Jesus, I trust in you.” Jesus, I trust in you. That sums it all up: to let go, to trust in Jesus. That can be a challenge, but as Saint Faustina knew, patience is the producer of the best gifts in life.
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