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Courtesy of UnprotectedMovie.com. All rights reserved. Used with permission.[/caption] A Pope, the Pill, and the Perils of Sexual Chaos on Our Culture Don Johnson, a movie producer who is a convert to the Catholic faith, has created an excellent documentary in Unprotected, now playing in limited release and available for parish screenings. Johnson does a superb job of interviewing many different people throughout the movie in regard to the impact of the sexual revolution and the chaos surrounding that time frame and its aftermath for the world. This movie is being released through Ignatius Press, Runway Planet Pictures, and DJEM Media. A large focus of the film is on Humane Vitae, Pope Paul VI's  then controversial encyclical which focuses on the dignity of human life and the gift of sexuality as it pertains to the virtue of chastity. The Pope predicted, in 1968, the direction the world would go in if contraception would become the norm of society. This is the basis of the documentary. Humanae Vitae was published in July of 1968, more than 50 years ago. A Prophetic Document Johnson interviews several well-known speakers throughout the documentary. I found this aspect the most interesting part of the movie. Janet Smith, Christopher West, Damon Owens, Sue Ellen Browder, Jason and Crystalina Evert, Patrick Coffin, Jennifer Roback Morse, Carrie Gress, Mark Regnerus, Benjamen Wiker, Leila Miller, Arleen Spenceley, and Donald Asci were some of those interviewed. Their interviews were combined with visuals and stories throughout the twentieth century. Mentioned were the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine's Helen Gurley Brown, who took over the publication in 1965, along with Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Information about their lives and their impact on specific time periods was eye-opening and also saddening. Both had philosophies which greatly changed the landscape of the world from a pro-life worldview into an anti-life mentality. Johnson also brings in guests impacted in a negative way with the onset of the Pill and the changing climate of the country during the '60s. The prophetic voice of Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae pretty much predicted the direction the world would go in if we continued on a path away from the dignity of human life and the sanctity of marriage. In spite of the fact that in 1968 the world flaunted empty promises of sexual freedom, Pope Paul VI held onto the Catholic belief that moral decline would lead to a dishonoring of persons and of the family unit. His predictions have come to pass over the last 50 years . Courtesy of UnprotectedMovie.com. All rights reserved. Used with permission.[/caption] Takeaways Producer Don Johnson, a concerned father of three girls who wrote and directed the film, does a wonderful job summing up all of the factors that have led to moral bankruptcy in our culture today. He leads us to better understanding as to why the culture has become toxic for women with things such as sexting, the hook-up culture, abortion, and even drug use and suicide for some. Johnson points to Humane Vitae, which was laughed at and rejected by many during that time, but has great prophetic meaning for us to build a better culture of life in our world. Following a truly Catholic culture will lead to a greater respect for human life and for the family. My takeaway from this documentary is to dig deeper into Humane Vitae 50 years later and spread the word to others. This beautiful document continues to stand for life and the human family. Please consider this film, and add it to your list of movies you plan to see.
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