Copyright 2018 Christina Nagy for Catholic Conundrum. All rights reserved.[/caption] Attention teens, tweens, kids and Catholic families! Looking for fun and worry-free YouTube videos? Recently, a new movement has begun to saturate YouTube with Catholic content in an effort to evangelize in a relevant way to those in cyberspace. Catholic Conundrum has joined this effort as the first Catholic content channel specifically designed for  Catholic families. With 1 to 2 new videos uploaded weekly, you will find inspirational vlogs, songs, parodies, and craft tutorials – all fun, Catholic, and worry-free! What do kids think of heaven and hell? Can they really understand the deeper and more theological truths about them that the Church teaches? We think they can! Join us as well-known Catholic Theology teacher and author Jim Hogan goes deeper with kids in a way that explains these truths in a kid-friendly way like we have never heard before!
Copyright 2018 Christina Nagy