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"Motherhood is a vocation" by Emily Jaminet (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2018 Emily Jaminet. All rights reserved.[/caption] Motherhood is more than a job, it's a vocation that has eternal purpose and meaning. It offers a concrete way of achieving holiness in our modern era and leads us on a path to sainthood! As we all strive to be the best mothers we can be for our families, there is help to be found in the richness of the Christian Catholic faith, which is uniquely able, through the Grace of God, to be a source of DAILY guidance and comfort. Efforts to tap into this source of grace will undoubtedly reward mothers with immeasurable joy and a sense of purpose not offered by secular parenting materials. Motherhood is not just about raising children but learning to discover the hidden graces and opportunities for holiness. I have learned more about my Catholic faith and grown in my relationship with Christ through being a mother over the last nineteen years and raising seven children with my husband. Before I was a mother, I had no idea what it was like to be sanctified by ordinary moments! This vocation of motherhood which has heavy labor is an opportunity to experience the love of Christ in a new way. Through the tasks of motherhood, we are offered new graces and a personal encounter with Christ that is transformative. The great balance between caring for my own family, while at the same time reaching out to others, is a task that is daunting at times, yet essential for we are called to be a light in the world, by living in the world but not of it. "Motherhood is a vocation" by Emily Jaminet (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2018 Emily Jaminet. All rights reserved.[/caption] Thanks to Pinterest and the internet, we are reminded constantly that we are less than “perfect,” and to be quite frank, there are many people more skilled in EVERYTHING related to the domestic life. Yet their skills do not surpass the opportunity for holiness offered to us as we desire to live out our Christian lives. As Catholic mothers, our goal is not to be Pinterest-perfect but, rather, holy. St. Teresa of Calcutta shares that we are called to be “faithful, not successful.” Many of us know that as parents, so why do we keep looking to others to evaluate our success and abilities? Faith is what will save us, faith will be our source of strength in the midst of our trials and faith is the fuel that leads us to action and service. For many of us, our career is where we have felt comfortable, accomplished and skilled. Now we are left to “figure out” the most important adventure of our life: motherhood. Motherhood has revealed my humanity to me and the rest of the world! There are times that I am humbled by the behavior of my children, the state of my house, or my inability to accomplish all I need to do in a 24-hour period, yet I still have to try! Motherhood is an opportunity to grow, to change, to be molded into Christ and learn to serve others and allow that spark of inspiration to touch the lives of others, both inside and outside my home. The vocation of motherhood provides the meaning and purpose that drives us to be successful in our careers and area of service. Motherhood provides the meaning for all we do.
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