Copyright 2018 Christina Nagy for Catholic Conundrum. All rights reserved.[/caption] Attention teens, tweens, kids and Catholic families! Looking for fun and worry-free YouTube videos? Recently, a new movement has begun to saturate YouTube with Catholic content in an effort to evangelize in a relevant way to those in cyberspace. Catholic Conundrum has joined this effort as the first Catholic content channel specifically designed for  Catholic families. With 1 to 2 new videos uploaded weekly, you will find inspirational vlogs, songs, parodies, and craft tutorials – all fun, Catholic, and worry-free! Looking for a deeply meditative Rosary Meditation? Experience a rosary that takes you on a journey through sight and sound in a contemplative way, with the corresponding virtue and a guiding reflection for each decade. Perfect for families as well as the single soul. Jump to each of the Joyful Mysteries individually if you wish: 2:16 The Annunciation - Humility 6:08 The Visitation - Love of Neighbor 10:12 The Nativity - Poverty of Spirit/Detachment 14:07 The Presentation - Obedience 18:11 The Finding in the Temple - Piety
Copyright 2019 Christina Nagy