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Copyright 2018 Holy Cross Family Ministries. All rights reserved.[/caption] We’re going to LA! CatholicMom will be at LA Congress again this year along with our entire family of ministries! In the same location as last year, Booth #509, we’re excited to see, feel and share in the positive energy and work of the Church! In our little corner you’ll find a new lip-smacking giveaway (you guessed it, everyone is getting balm for the mom!) and you can watch Lisa Hendey and Danielle Bean in action as they record upcoming episodes for the ever-growing Catholic Momcast. We’ll also have an opportunity for visitors to leave ideas and suggestions to help generate content that would be useful to you, Catholic Moms.

The questions:

1. What is your greatest challenge raising children in the Catholic faith? 2. What special guest would you like to hear from on The Catholic Momcast and why? (Dream big!) Can’t be there in person to take the survey? Take it now! We’ll be around laughing and praying together so if you’re attending Congress, please stop by to join us! And if you can’t make the trek all the way to LA, be sure to follow along with us on social media!
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