If you have ever met the creator of One Mother’s Heart, Dorothy Pilarski, you are immediately struck by her smile, openness and outgoing attitude. The founder of CatholicMomsGroup.com and organizer of the annual Dynamic Women of Faith Conference,  Dorothy has compiled several blogs and articles written by and/or for members of her organization to highlight the importance of Catholic motherhood today. Dorothy’s previous book reveals her driving principle in the title, Motherhood Matters. One Mother’s Heart is a magazine-like publication, chock-full of information and insights that could benefit any mom or those who seek to support women in their vocation of motherhood. It is clear, Dorothy promotes all aspects of motherhood and those seeking support through Catholic Mothers’ groups around Canada, the US and anywhere else women feel called to start them. The publication also provides information about how to begin a mother’s group. One of the best things about this publication is that there are no advertisements! Each page is filled with information; no one is trying to sell you anything. The only thing you will find in these pages in love, respect, support, and hope! The Dynamic Women of Faith motto is, “Love, Laughter, Moments of Grace.” That is what you will find on every page of this stunning publication! For information on ordering this publication contact info@catholicmomsgroup.com. *Full disclosure; I have several blogs featured in this publication.

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