Courtesy of Background image credit: (2017), CCO/PD. All rights reserved.[/caption] Do you struggle to find reading material for your tweens, teens, and young adults that is both entertaining and edifying? Something that’s fun to read but isn’t filling their minds and hearts with toxic values, explicit sex, or dark/occult themes? If you do, then the authors at Catholic Teen Books are a lot like you! These award-winning fiction authors are mothers, teachers, homeschoolers, and more - all seeking to provide young Catholics with engaging but wholesome novels. They write stories that mirror the struggles today’s teens face through a variety of genres that appeal to both young men and women. Why fiction? Don’t underestimate the power of a story. A well-written story takes us into characters’ lives and lets us live through them for a while. Faith-filled fiction can entertain and take us on an exciting journey, but more importantly, it can change lives. Strengthen our resolve. Help us grow in virtue. And bring us closer to God. In the monthly video series Faith Through Fiction, Catholic Teen Books authors T.M. Gaouette (The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch) and Leslea Wahl (The Perfect Blindside) discuss a topic relevant to today’s teens then share insights from a special guest author. They also share reading recommendations based on those themes. In this month’s episode, Catholic Teen Books hosts author A.J. Cattapan (Angelhood) discussing this month’s theme of making friends. The featured book is 7 Riddles to Nowhere, a middle grade adventure that takes the reader through the Catholic churches of Chicago on a mission to solve riddles and, ultimately, keep a Catholic school from closing. Previous episodes of Faith Through Fiction are available online. Topics featured in prior months include bullying, putting God first, and sacrifice. For more information on Catholic Teen Books and other reading recommendations, visit Books mentioned in this episode:
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