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STRIVE Courtesy of Cardinal Studios. All rights reserved.[/caption]

Thousands of men are breaking free from porn with Cardinal Studios’ STRIVE

Thousands of men from across the U.S. and internationally have committed to break free from pornography with STRIVE by Matt Fradd. Now even more men can break the debilitating chains of pornography because STRIVE is available at no cost for a limited time. In the past three weeks alone, parishes, dioceses and organizations have ordered more than 150,000 access cards for confessionals. “Porn affects men of all ages and all demographics. So many are silently suffering and ashamed to bring this out into the light, and STRIVE provides the anonymous platform for them to do just that,” said Matt Fradd, the series author and presenter. “The impact we’re seeing is so encouraging. We’re elated that we now can offer this life-changing course for free.” STRIVE Courtesy of Cardinal Studios. All rights reserved.[/caption] STRIVE is a 21-day challenge that helps men understand the effects of porn, examine why they turn to it in the first place, and teaches them how to eradicate it from their lives. It provides a first step that hadn’t previously existed, where men can register anonymously and take the course on their own and in an accountability relationship with a trusted friend. “Since launching on March 27, 2019, more than 16,000 comments have been posted in the online community by men who are realizing they’re not alone in this fight,” said Chris Cope, founder of Cardinal Studios, the producers of STRIVE. “The combination of encouragement they’re receiving, coupled with the powerful videos and content, have made this a life-changing movement for men. With an underwriter subsidizing a portion of our costs, we are now able to reach far more men than we ever thought possible with this free offer.” Participants in STRIVE are praising the series. “I've never learned so much about myself ... never learned so much about how our brain works, and never had so many great advice put together in the same place,” said a recent participant. “I'm indebted to all the creators of STRIVE. The wisdom shared here is something I'll carry with me for life.” Another participant stated, “Since completing STRIVE, I have been sober for 18 weeks. This is the longest I have gone without falling since I first starting falling in 6th grade. I'm currently 25. I am very grateful for this program and would highly recommend it for anyone.” David Dawson, director of the Office of Marriage and Family Life for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, sees STRIVE as a critical tool in his office’s work to help men break free from pornography. “STRIVE fills a very important gap for us in our efforts,” said Dawson. “It throws a wide net and gives men an easy, anonymous first step that ultimately packs a punch and gives them the conviction, hope and courage to do what needs to be done, and the road map for how to move forward.” Men can sign-up to take the challenge at Strive21.com. Churches, dioceses, and organizations can order access cards and other free resources on the site as well. Watch the STRIVE trailer: https://youtu.be/b1PPPWC8f7I
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