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"Don't let the devil win" by Lisa Simmons (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2019 Lisa Simmons. All rights reserved.[/caption] I was driving to work this morning when I pulled up behind a car with numerous bumper stickers on the back. Usually it's an amusing sit at the stoplight trying to read all of these but this morning I was more disturbed at the anger the owner of the car in front of me must have been feeling. Let's just say the decal and what it expressed was aimed at protecting a woman's right to contraceptives and/or abortions. I felt immediately sad that this person first of all felt so angry they would display this decal on their car and then wondered what made them feel that way. The anger and tension in our society keeps growing and getting worse. It doesn't seem to matter that we live in the most prosperous and free country in the world. Our sense of righteousness seems to know no bounds, so we even wear our anger on our vehicles. Is that what you want people to see you as when I sit behind you? An angry person? The devil is winning his war against humans by dividing us up into compartments, having us take sides and get into boxes we cannot get out of. We cannot help each other inside a box; we cannot have discussions when we stand on this side of a fence or the other; we cannot make peace without shaking hands. Let's shake hands, not fists. Let's agree we ALL have a personal reason for the choices we make and with some compassion hear each other out. Jesus didn't condemn people for making mistakes or even turning and walking away from Him. He reached out with love, and when sinners didn't take His hand He let them walk away, not yelling at them, but still loving them. We need to do the same. Stop condemning each other; pray for one another. Reach out in compassion, not anger. Let there BE peace on earth and it should begin with me and it should begin with you. Declaring our stand or our side on the back of a car is not the way to get people to heaven.
Copyright 2019 Lisa Simmons