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"Perfection" by Anne DeSantis (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: Pixabay.com (2015), CC0/PD[/caption] I am learning more and more that perfection comes when we realize that life is not about being perfect – it’s about being “real.” We live in a world where Instagram photos, pretty hairstyles, and lots of “friends” on social media seem like they are important … but they are not. Life is about relationships, love, time with people who care, and knowing God. It is not about competition, showing off, and complaining about the politics on Facebook. Perfection comes when we have a cup of coffee with a friend, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in open and honest conversion. This is perfection … the realness of life. And our children need to be taught this as well. After all, at the end of our lives, all those people who liked our social media posts may not even be at our funerals. Let’s slow down and learn how to truly live. The most important perfection comes to us from our model, our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us turn to Christ, his Mother Mary, and the saints as our role models. Let’s be grateful for them above all and the gift of life we have been given by God.


Lord, I think I am learning that my perfection does not depend on the acceptance of anyone but You. You are my guide. You are my shield. You are the one who will judge me on the day of my death. Help me not to get caught up in things that are truly not important in this life. Help me to focus only on love and on You. For You and Your love will be the only things that will last into eternity. Thank you, Lord Jesus.
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