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"Top 10 Cool Things about God" by Kelly Guest (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: Pixabay.com (2013), CC0/PD[/caption] Sometimes, when I sit down to write my blog, I cannot think of anything to share with you. I wonder, “How can that be? I write about my Faith, whose treasures are eternal. I write about my God, who is infinite! Surely, I have much to share.” Then I sit and look at the screen for minutes on end. I go to my prayer journal to find inspiration there. I think about the lesson God recently taught me and wonder if I should share that. This time, though, I looked out my window and watched the sun rise and sighed, “God, you’re so cool!” Inspired, I didn’t start writing right away. I probably could have, but I didn’t. Instead, like many modern writers, I got on Facebook and Twitter. I asked my friends and followers what is something you would include on a top 10 list of the coolest things about God. I loved reading the responses. They were each meditations in themselves. I have incorporated the fruits of those thoughts in the following list:

The Top 10 Coolest Things about God

(totally subjective, mind you)
  • God created the world for us! And what a beautiful world it is – so much to see, experience, and enjoy. I personally love the colors of a spring garden and the fall leaves. The sound of ocean waves and children’s laughter cause me great joy. And the grandeur of a beautiful sunrise or sunset can inspire me and bring me peace. The earth is simple enough to enjoy, yet complex enough to figure out – and after thousands of years, man still hasn’t figure out all of God’s wonders!
  • God cannot be outdone in generosity. When we open ourselves up to His will, we realize that His plans for us are so much bigger than the plans we hoped for ourselves. Whatever we offer Him, no matter how much we give, God gives back a hundredfold. Give Him water, and He will turn it into the best wine ever!
  • God is faithful; He is always there for us. Even in difficult times, we can be sure that Jesus is in the boat, aware of the storm, and guiding us through it.
  • God is a great listener! Mostly, I think He listens. We can learn from His example! When He speaks to us, He can do so without uttering an audible word, for He speaks directly to our hearts.
  • God is gentle with us, patiently changing us from within. As one of my friends pointed out, “All other forces of nature impose their will from the outside. If we allow it, God comes into our very being as Being itself (I Am Who Am) and changes our will to be more like His.” God works with us so that we can become like Him.
  • God does not need us, yet He chooses us. He has a mission for each one of us that only we can do for Him.
  • Great is God’s mercy. He is always happy, no, thrilled to forgive us. Remember the father of the prodigal son? That’s our Father! Moreover, He helps us to forgive ourselves and others, too.
  • By His suffering, He has made our suffering meaningful and valuable. He doesn’t take away suffering, but no longer do we suffer in vain or alone!
  • God gives us the hope of Heaven. Heaven is a gazillion times better than Disney World! And we are destined to live with Him there forever in perfect love and happiness. With hope like that, all things are bearable, and peace is possible. When things around me get chaotic and try to rob me of my peace, I remember my destiny.
  • God loves us intimately and specifically. Not only does God love us, God is Love. That means He couldn’t love us any more than He does right now. Even if we became the perfect saints we desire to be, God wouldn’t love us more than He does now in all our messiness. Now that is an awesome thought!
If you were to make a list of the coolest things about God, what would you include? I am sure I missed some quality of God that is really awesome. After all, God is infinitely cool! Oh, and ask your cool kids what they think is the coolest thing about God. It can lead to some great discussion and insights. Please share with us what they say.
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