Catholic Central Catholic Central hosts Kaiser Johnson and Libby Slater. Copyright 2017 Family Theater Productions. Used with permission. All rights reserved.[/caption] We know that parents have their hands full keeping bored, homebound kids stimulated and learning – and that includes their Catholic faith. Each weekday, we’re highlighting another snackable, entertaining and informative (or, as we like to say ‘enterforming’) episode and offering some of the information available at More now than ever, we want to be central to your faith! CC- Catholic Social Teaching Copyright 2020 Catholic Central/Family Theater Productions. All Rights Reserved.[/caption] Using Imagination to Make the Bible Come Alive with ‘Catholic Central’ Sometimes it can be hard to travel to the ancient lands of the Bible and find a way to relate them to everyday life. But God gave us a wonderful imagination, and we can use it. Catholic Central introduces us to a way of digging into Bible tales and bring them to life in our minds. As Praying With the Bible: Ignatian Meditation illustrates, the technique called Ignatian Meditation – developed by St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits -- can help readers go deeper into the Bible, using their imaginations to flesh out passages, especially stories in the Gospels. Just don’t get carried away.

Diving Deeper

  1. Think of your favorite story or historical event. Re-read a synopsis of the story or event. Try to picture yourself within the story. How would you respond if you were there? If it’s an historical event, would you you try to change history?
  2. Try the same as #1 above, this time with a favorite story from the Bible or a biblical story that you know well.


Listen to the Ignatian guided meditation with Kai and Libby! Lectio Divina Ignatian Meditation  

Reflection by Father Vince Kuna, C.S.C.

Consider turning to the Gospel reading from Matthew (4:1-11) that traditionally begins the season of Lent. Pray the Ignatian Meditations with this reading, that tells of Jesus venturing into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights (the root for our word “quarantine”). Pay special attention that our Lord chooses social isolation for this time period. He does battle with the Devil alone. The Devil is unsuccessful in his temptations, because Jesus observed the most radical of fasts: choosing to live solely on prayer to the God, Father. When your financial situation is lean, or your social engagements limited, think how might we see this as an opportunity to scale back on material and social needs and instead focus time and energies on prayer.
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