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CATHOLIC CENTRAL: It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore

Teachers are assigning their students to watch and discuss episodes of Catholic Central, and we couldn’t be happier about that. But we’d like to encourage moms and dads, older siblings and online youth groups to join in, too. Our show is fresh and witty, and you just might learn something new. Be sure to head to CatholicCentral.com for downloadable resources.

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What Do We Mean By Saying There’s ‘Life After Life’?

As we live through this difficult time, the notion of our own mortality – and that of those we love – is just about impossible to escape. It’s a reality for all living things, but one we often don’t consider unless we have to.

In “Catholic Central: Life After Life,” we ask some of the big questions. What happens to us after we die? Where do we go? More importantly, why? Kai and Libby explain the great beyond: Heaven, Purgatory and ... uh, the other place.

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Diving Deeper

  1. We hear Kai talk about how heaven to him would be like his grandma singing with angels. When you think of heaven what comes to mind? Is it a pleasant thought or are you even excited about heaven?

  1. We heard hell is utter isolation, being totally separated from love, from God and all others. Have you ever felt isolated in life? What made you feel that way? Was there anything you could do to get out of that isolation?

  1. Have you thought about what might happen when you die?


Reflect on what you would want your legacy to be if you died today. What would you want people to say about you?  Is the path you're on a path towards living a holy life or a path of separation from God? What can you do to change this path if needed?


Read Mark 12. The Sadducees offer Jesus the bizarre story of a wife being married lawfully to seven brothers who died one after the other. They ask, then, who will be her spouse in Heaven? Jesus answers, but does so indirectly. His response essentially reprimands them for thinking in earthly terms. That is, the Sadducees err in thinking Heaven is somehow the same as what we find on Earth. It is not. The one thing we know about Heaven is it’s very different from life on Earth. So, then, what could we deduce Hell is like? Could we attribute Hell to be the “same” … or an eternal “sameness”? Here’s to hoping we never find out.

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