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This week’s collection of episodes from “Catholic Central” tackles weighty subjects like Church doctrine, the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, transubstantiation (say that three times fast), matrimony and blessings for the sick. Libby also wears a pillbox hat and teases Kai for not ironing his T-shirt (just in case you thought we were getting too serious). Downloadable resources and more at CatholicCentral.com! 

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You Might Be Surprised to Learn “What’s Catholic”  

From cappuccinos (named after the brown robes of Capuchin friars) to McDonald’s fish filets (no-meat Fridays) to “The Exorcist” (that one should be obvious), Catholic beliefs and traditions have inspired many things in the larger culture.  

But, what does it actually mean to be Catholic? Is it following a set of rules? Practicing cultural traditions? Or something more? In “Catholic Central: What’s Catholic?”, Kai and Libby serve up an overview of some of the things that Catholicism entails, both in church and in daily life. 

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Diving Deeper  

  1. In the episode Libby says that when Jesus walked the Earth he taught about love, forgiveness, and the value of human lives. Who are some examples of people that live these out today? 

  1. Kai and Libby mention that Catholics were the first to open hospitals and universities, and even promote science and discovery. What do you think motivated them to do this? How do these things express the faith? 

  1. Kai quotes author G.K. Chesterton, who said “Catholic doctrine and discipline may be walls; but they are the walls of a playground.” Do you agree with this? Which Church teachings are hard for you? Why?


Seek out something that reveals the beauty of God to you. What is so striking about it? What senses does it engage? In what way does it bring you in touch with the divine?  


“Something isn’t true because it’s Catholic; it’s Catholic because it’s true.” Take this adage to heart. So, to admonish another towards virtue would be catholic. To come to a scientific observation would be catholic. To write a theological treatise about some metaphysical truth would be catholic. Even writers do this in telling a story. They only need tell the truth of the characters and the story they’ve created, and often catholic themes pour out, irrespective of the author’s intention. Read the Old Testament Book of Esther, where God is not even mentioned. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the book wouldn’t abound in “catholic” or universal themes of love and sacrifice.  

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