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How do we figure out right from wrong, talk to God, comprehend the nature of the Trinity and the Holy Spirit, and understand what bishops, priests and deacons actually do? Watch “Catholic Central,” of course. Just be prepared for the kids to ask some very interesting questions!  

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What Is Prayer – and How Do You Do It?

Prayer is free, and doesn’t have to take a lot of time nor be done with fancy language. So, why is it sometimes such a challenge?  

What is prayer? How should we pray? Why? Kai and Libby fill you in on the major forms of prayer and how to go beyond just asking for stuff. 

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Diving Deeper  

  • How has your prayer life been lately? Check in with yourself on how your communication in your relationship with God is going, the quality time you’ve spent with God lately. What areas of your prayer life could use improvement? Focus? Listening? Frequency? Ask God for the grace to pray, or for whatever grace you desire. 
  • What’s one form of prayer you feel “allergic” or resistant to? Talk to God about it and see if there might be an invitation to explore that further. 
  • What are you most grateful to God for right now? Take a moment and soak in that sense of felt gratitude with God. 


Whatever you’re doing or feeling in a day, try to draw God to mind, to include God in all the events and emotions of your day. Whether it be going grocery shopping with God, or sitting in rush hour traffic with Jesus, or watching Netflix with the Holy Spirit. Our prayer life is our relationship with God, and God wants to be a part of everything we do, so that we can grow in intimacy and closeness with Him.  

Reflection by Father Vince Kuna, C.S.C. 

The simplest of all prayers is thanksgiving. If you’re ever tired after a long day, take a few minutes in silent prayer and repeat “Thank You” in your head, like a mantra. 

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