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On February 28, 1986 Our Blessed Mother said, “Cling to my mantle strongly, for it will really cleanse you and present you pure before the Lord.” She was speaking to Gladys Herminia Quiroga de Motta, a woman to whom Mary appeared almost daily from September 25, 1983 until February 11, 1990. These apparitions were approved by the Episcopal Commission of Bishop Hectore Cardelli, declaring them authentic, “of supernatural origin and worthy of belief.” It was Holy Trinity Sunday, May 22, 2016. Bob Feeney has written a fascinating book about these visions: The Woman Clothed with the Sun: Our Hope.

The Woman Clothed with the Sun

On September 25, 1983, Mary appeared to a 46 year old housewife, a mother and grandmother, named Gladys Quiroga de Motta in San Nicolas, Argentina, a city now referred to as the “city of Mary.” It was 18 days later that Our Lady spoke to Gladys and made her first of many references to Scripture. Ezekiel 2:4-10. The verses include the lines: “Their children are bold of face and stubborn of heart--to them I am sending you. You shall say to them: Thus says the Lord God. And whether they hear or resist-- they are a rebellious house—they shall know that a prophet is among them.” Read the entire passage. I love that Mary often gave Gladys Scripture quotes. How clearly she was instructing her.

The Episcopal Commission studying the apparitions described Gladys as “a woman with a gifted personality, being generous and outgoing … a woman with a great love of life.” She was optimistic and had much hope and good humor. “She was described by the bishop’s commission as having great qualities of sweetness and appeal.” Only educated through the fourth grade of elementary school, she nevertheless had strong teaching skills and the ability to explain things correctly. One can imagine that might be one of many traits that Mary might look for in a visionary.

Gladys received 1,804 messages from Mary and 68 from Jesus Himself. This book contains the texts of many of the messages. Main themes are included in the chapter titles of Prayer, The Rosary, Conversion and Consecration (to the Mother’s Heart), and The Young. The overarching message is clearly one of hope.

“My children, I speak to you constantly of tomorrow’s hope, since the present leaves nothing. May my words be heartening for the fallen. Nothing is so uplifting as to know oneself loved by Jesus Christ. Praise him.” (May 8, 1986)

“I say to my beloved children: Give thanks to the Lord for the faith you have embraced. May hope keep alive in your hearts; be conscious that the Lord gives it to you. This is a wealth God gives you. Preach it, daughter. Amen. Amen.” (February 10, 1990) I wonder if you smiled, as I did, to hear Mary’s words, “Preach it, daughter.”

"Look toward the rising sun, and you will see the birth of a new day. May there be hope and faith in you. And each day may the wish grow to be true children of God. Do not make Him turn His face from you. Trust in Him.” (January 25, 1984)

Feeney quotes extensively from Saint John Paul II and lists quotes about him from our Blessed Mother, whom she called her “favorite son.”

“John Paul II is faithful and consecrated to the Mother’s Heart, fears nothing, goes where the Mother calls him, overcoming every obstacle. He trusts the Mother and feels sure that in the most difficult moments, the Mother is with him. His heart, so often pierced by Christ’s adversaries, continues to be strengthened by Christ. Glory be to the Lord eternally.” (October 27, 1986)

Of the rosary Mary says,

“With the Holy Rosary, any danger can be faced, as Christ and Christ’s Mother are present in it. It is a deep prayer, an immediate communication with the Lord and with Mary. (Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, 1986)

Later she says,

“My daughter, the Holy Rosary has started to spread, my children have started to love prayer. Still, many out of shame, some out of rebellion, and others simply out of ignorance, do not say the rosary. I tell my children: Pray, it is the hour of prayer! Pray to save your soul; pray and you will be cleansed! (October 25, 1986)

She calls the rosary the “door to her heart” and also refers to it as a weapon.

Jesus said to Gladys in 1987:

“My mother should be received. My mother should be listened to in all her messages. Mankind must discover the wealth she brings to Christians. The Heart of my Mother is the one chosen for what I ask to become reality. Souls will find me through Her Immaculate Heart.”

An entire chapter is devoted to the Rosary method of Pope Saint John Paul II. This book would be valuable for that chapter alone with its meditations on all four sets of mysteries. But Feeney also provides a lot of information about the building of the large sanctuary which Mary requested. It holds 8,000-10,000 people. The final chapter describes the city of San Nicolas and even provides tips for traveling there.

The love that author Bob Feeney has for Mary comes through loud and clear, on every page. He often refers to her as “Mom,” or “Our Mom” which I found very endearing. Somehow I feel quite sure Our Mother in heaven must smile to be called “Mom.”

Feeney writes, “No human has ever or will ever know you better or love you more than Mary, our spiritual mother.”

It is from this maternal love, I’m sure, that Mary said on February 17, 1989,

“This is my time! That is why I long for the arrival of each child to my Motherly arms. And I tell my children: Ask yourselves nothing, only let the Mother arrange everything. The enemy has already been attacked; his end is near, and he is using, as a last resource, human weakness and pride! But I will vanquish him, I have already started to overcome him. Now the world must know that the Mother of Christ will overcome Satan, because by her side will be her Son’s humble ones. May my message be known. Glory be to the Eternal God.”

If you love Mary or if you would like to love Mary, this book will be a great help. If you’ve never truly appreciated the power of the Rosary, please read it. Mary is speaking to us as well as to Gladys Quiroga de Motta. You will be filled with awe.

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