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As He always should, God takes center stage this week on “Catholic Central.” We look at turning points in His Church, the people who spoke for Him, who exactly He is, how He asks us to live our lives, and finally, how we can convince others of His existence. That’s a lot for young minds to take in, but we do it clearly, concisely and with lots of humor (and CatholicCentral.com is there for you with downloadable resources and links). 

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Who Were the Prophets of History, and What Did They Do?

At our baptism, we are all created “priest, prophet and king,” but throughout history, specific individuals have stepped forward as instruments of the voice of God.  

We hear a lot about prophets, but who are they, and what is their function? In “Catholic Central: Prophet,” Kai and Libby examine some of the prophets in the Old Testament, and explain why we should be skeptical when it comes to modern-day self-proclaimed prophets. 

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Diving Deeper  

  • What does prophecy mean to you? Who are people today that you regard as modern prophets? What about their actions and words are prophetic to you? 
  • Since we’re all baptized “priest, prophet and king”, how are you living out your prophetic call? 
  • In what ways might we redirect our hope from worldly leaders to a hope we ought to place in God alone? And how might we invite others to do the same? 


What is one social issue today where you might feel called to apply a little “prophetic judgment”? How might God be inviting you to call something out or to speak prophetically about that issue? What might it cost to speak prophetically? What might you and others stand to gain about prophesying?  

Reflection by Father Vince Kuna, C.S.C.  

Some prophets, believe it or not, maintained a sense of humor within their truth-telling. This tradition continued through medieval times when royals kept a court jester on hand, so as to really know how things were proceeding throughout the kingdom. Or the old saying in comedy is “What does a joke tell?” Answer: “The truth. So, yes, speaking the truth is important, especially in the case of social justice. But rarely do listeners like to hear it in the form of some heavy-handed screed. Try to convey the truth always, and be sure not to lose your sense of humor in the process.  

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