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Video: Ellen Mongan interviews Emily Jaminet about how mothers can achieve better balance in life.

He proposed another parable to them. “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that a person took and sowed in a field. It is the smallest of all the seeds, yet when full-grown it is the largest of plants. It becomes a large bush, and the ‘birds of the sky come and dwell in its branches.’” (Matthew13:31-32)


I once was a mustard seed. God firmly planted me in good soil. I was watered, pruned, weeded, and fertilized by the Church, the Word of God, nuns, priests, parents, and teachers. I opened my heart wide and let the “SON–shine” in.  arly on, I worried that I would never grow or produce fruit, but I did. Now I, who was once a mustard seed, have grown into a mature bush.

Oh, the Lord has been good to me, so I boldly proclaim His goodness. Motherhood is like a Disney Fastpass to growing in virtue. As you grow your children in character, God is growing character in you. I must have needed a lot of character growth because God gave us eight children.  It has been an amazing journey from that small seed to maturity in Christ. I still have a long way to go; just ask my husband. However, I have come a long way! Now I am a strong enough tree to mentor and instruct the younger generation. I encourage women in their race towards the heart of God.

Many years ago, God put on my heart an idea for a conference for women. This was way before Zoom conferences. The conference was how to create a healthy balance in one’s life. I called it, “Whose hat is that, Mom?” Being me, I began right away choosing speakers, writing my topics, and assigning talks. I even bought a hat for each topic as a prop to get the point across. Then I gave the talks to a large mom’s group in Florida.  

It was a monologue, with me doing each talk. I learned a lot that day. I thought of it as a dress rehearsal of what was ahead. I have grown and changed much since that presentation. I have journeyed on paths I did not know God would take me on. Each path has taught me new lessons about motherhood and keeping a balance in my life.

Last month I had the blessing of interviewing Emily Jaminet, who is an author, speaker, and Catholic Mom contributor. What was our topic? It was on balance in life and encouragement. Emily and I tackled the importance of God being first in one’s life and prayer a priority. Secondly, we shared about honoring and loving our husband. This was followed by words of wisdom on how to teach and train our children in virtue and in Christ’s love. Making room in for parents, siblings, and friends was our fourth topic. Then Emily shared her wisdom on how to take the leap into full-time ministry. Last, we encouraged the audience with the words, “Do not forget about you!” Healthy tips for self-care finished our discussion.

Enjoy our chat in the video below:



This podcast was in a teaching format, rather than my usual author interviews. Emily and I spoke with both wit and wisdom, bringing to the airwave an amazing blend of our individual personalities. We shared stories which were written on our hearts from the roads we already traveled. The Holy Spirit has used this podcast in a powerful way! As I finished writing this post, I realized that my interview of Emily Jaminet was just what God had in mind for that conference so many years ago.


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As you grow your children in character, God is growing character in you. #catholicmom

When I began praying about my Catholic Mom contribution this month, the Holy Spirit put this podcast on my heart. Is your life well balanced, Mom? Taking a look at these areas of your life would be a great Lenten self-examination. Think of this as a heart check. Watch or listen to the podcast video above. Take notes. Then pause after each section and discern prayerfully where you need to change and grow. These areas are essential for keeping a godly balance in your life:

  1. GOD
  6. YOU

Do not worry if you have just begun the race and feel like a small mustard seed. Let God do the work in you. May He water you with His love! May He teach you through His Word! May He encourage you through His people! May your heart be ever ready to let the “Son-shine” in. You will be amazed at how quickly the little mustard seed will grow into a fully mature bush. How do I know? Because I once was a mustard seed!


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