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Meg Herriot reviews a new documentary film highlighting the miracles of Saint Joseph, in theaters May 1 and 2.

St. Joseph is very important for our time, especially as the family is being attacked. “Go To St. Joseph” is great advice for all time, but especially for our era. But not many of us know much about this saint who does not get much mention in the Bible. There are some scenes that have an actor playing St. Joseph as a young man and Jesus’ father in the new film, A Father's Heart, from Goya Producciones and Fathom Events.


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The cinematography and the story were great. This is not a biography about Saint Joseph, although you do learn a lot about this often-forgotten saint. The storyline is built around modern people’s stories of how their devotion to Saint Joseph changed their life, as well as those throughout all of history. The movie shows many families and individuals in Europe, and particularly Spain, who have had life-changing experiences with Saint Joseph. 




I would recommend this video for adults and mature children. They do mention individuals who were former sex workers and alluded to people’s stories where they were not living God’s plan and had a conversion. I would be prepared with some tissues nearby; I did find myself crying while watching. 



The short prior to A Father’s Heart was created by the Knights of Columbus, telling the story of those in Dachau concentration camp whose lives were saved following their Consecration to Saint Joseph was a powerful piece. I recommend Our Liberator: Saint Joseph and the Priests of Dachau to all adults who want to be touched by the beauty of God and a devotion to St. Joseph. I would not recommend it for young children or sensitive viewers, as it does show scenes from a concentration camp and is a serious topic, complete with discussing horrors of the Holocaust. 

My only criticism is that the non-English voices are dubbed over. I personally would have preferred closed captions with the actual people’s voices (I prefer to hear their own voices speak). A Father's Heart was a great, informative, and faith-filled movie that will encourage you to enlist the help of Jesus’ earthly father. 

A Father's Heart and the accompanying short film Our Liberator will be shown on May 1 and 2 only in select theaters. Visit FathomEvents.com for tickets and more information.



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