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Elizabeth Estrada shares how she's using a traditional practice to get ready for her Lenten discipline this year.

I have been attending the Latin Mass for almost five years now. It has been such a blessing to be a part of such a rich liturgy. It has also been wonderful to learn a lot about the many traditions that have been lost over time.

One of these is Septuagesima, or “Little Lent,” which started Sunday and runs until Ash Wednesday. It is considered a time to think about how you will observe the Lenten season. Basically, it is a time for you to prepare and make adjustments to whatever plan you may have.

Of course, you want to add something to your plan that includes some kind of sacrifice. One of the things that is so dear to me is the snooze button. I love to hit the snooze button two or three times in the morning. I even have it set that way so I am still on time after doing that!

So, during this “Little Lent” I have been trying to not hit the snooze button, instead getting up ten minutes earlier every day until I get up at my goal time. It hasn’t been going very well for me, but I keep trying and will keep trying because my hope is to be able to reach my goal by Ash Wednesday.


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Consider using this “Little Lent” to plan and pray about what you want to give to the Lord this Lent. #CatholicMom

I share this with you so that maybe you may consider using this “Little Lent” to plan and pray about what you want to give to the Lord this Lent. My hope is that this goal of mine will not only be fulfilled during this time, but become something that I always do.

After all, Lent is about adding something to get closer to the Lord. He gave us Himself without blinking an eye; maybe I can do this tiny thing for Him consistently and with love.

Will you think about it?



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