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It wasn't until Claire McGarry began viewing the Bible as a personal letter from God that she began to connect to it in a meaningful way.

In an English class in college, we were challenged to write a story using the "cut-up" technique ("dècoupe" in French). It's a style of literature where you write a linear story, but then cut it up and let the reader rearrange it however he or she sees fit. Although the content is always the same, when the reader rearranges the order, it personalizes it to him or her. 

What a wonderful parallel to the Bible! Although it was written over 2,000 years ago to the world, when we pull out a certain passage or phrase, meditate on it, and insert it into our lives, it's astounding how it speaks to our individual circumstances. It's as if God penned a person letter of guidance, support, and love just to us. 

Yet, far too often, we leave those letters unopened and unread, and it breaks His heart. 


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I used to be guilty of this. The Bible overwhelmed me. I couldn't understand it and I couldn't see how it applied to my life.  

The minute I began to see it as a personal letter to me, everything changed. I now yearn for it, like I yearn for time spent with an old friend who knows me inside and out, yet still loves and supports me.


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It's as if God penned a person letter of guidance, support, and love just to us.  #catholicmom

If you see the Bible like I used to, I highly encourage you to read it in this new light. 

Read a small passage slowly. Then, read it again. Continue to do so until something resonates - a phrase, even a word. Then bring it to God, asking Him what He wants you to hear, and how He wants you to apply it to your life. In a lectio divina-type way, you'll feel Him invite you into His Word so He can show you all the grace tucked within.

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