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Kate Taliaferro is excited to share how Lisa Hendey’s new book is the perfect addition to your Lenten journey.

I’m a Saint in the Making by Lisa Hendey has been a beautiful message for all of us, no matter our age. We are all saints in the making! One of the reasons I love Lisa as an author is that she does a fantastic job of writing for multiple audiences with ease and grace. I’m a Saint in the Making is yet another example of how a book can be life-changing for both the one being read to as well as the one reading.

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Lisa’s book explores a number of topics around sainthood and reveals how becoming a saint is a lifelong journey. It is easy to look back at saints and think that they were perfect in every way. Lisa dispels that notion by reminding readers that the journey to sainthood has bumps and imperfections all along the way.

Being a saint also looks different depending on the person, their situation, and calling. The journey of Mother Theresa looks much different than that of Juan Diego, but both are saints. St. Dominic Savio’s witness and calling were different than that St. Francis, but both equally draw us closer to God as role models of faith.

Lisa also brings the common characteristics of saints to our present day. Saints are prayer warriors, role models of faith, charitable toward others, speakers of truth, witnesses of God’s love and forgiveness. These are all things we can strive to do and be today.

We can come together as a family and encourage one another to discover our calls to sainthood no matter our age. #catholicmom

As we embark on our Lenten journey, this book is a perfect companion for any family who is wanting to grow in holiness together. The book has 13 spreads (when the book is open and you are looking at both the left and right pages) plus one additional page to start the book. With 6 weeks in Lent, including Holy Week, you could read 2 spreads a week (maybe start Week 1 with the extra page and spread, or save the extra pages for Holy Week) and encourage conversation about what you read. Lisa has also thoughtfully included questions for conversation and ideas for further discussion and learning at the end of the book.

As a mom of 5 under age 10, sometimes it can be challenging to find ways to include the younger children in the traditional practices of fasting, abstinence and almsgiving. With I’m a Saint in the Making, we can come together as a family and encourage one another to discover our calls to sainthood no matter our age. Everyone is called to sainthood!


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