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Charisse Tierney provides encouragement to silence our hearts and minds by surrendering our to-do lists to Jesus. 

The home of Nazareth is the school where we begin to understand the life of Jesus—the school of the Gospel. First, then, a lesson of silence. May esteem for silence, that admirable and indispensable condition of mind, revive in us. (Saint Paul VI, Catechism of the Catholic Church 533) 


Achieving silence isn’t easy. Even when all external noise, visual clutter, and distractions are eliminated, how do I enter into that “admirable and indispensable condition of mind”? How do I enter into that hidden peacefulness that Jesus modeled for us while living the ordinary life at Nazareth? How do I find my own Nazareth within the never-ending lists and tasks that are always vying for my attention? 

While schedules, organizational tips, and other management tools help me keep my life in order to a certain extent, they don’t always lead to the silence that my mind and heart need. Instead of peace, I find myself anxiously checking my lists and reevaluating how I will fit everything into my day. Instead of trust, I worry that if I drop one ball in my daily juggling act, everything will fall apart because of me. Instead of silence, my inner dialogue rushes full speed ahead, urging me to do more and be more. 

When the truth is that I am always enough.  




Because He is the more. He is managing my lists. He is watching over my children. He is inspiring me with the right idea at the right time.  

I simply have to bring what I can, and He will make it beautiful. 


How do I find my own Nazareth within the never-ending lists and tasks that are always vying for my attention? #CatholicMom

And so I give my day to Jesus. I sit at His feet in His humble home in Nazareth and trust that He will not let me fall. 

He has assured me that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. 

I only have to be the small, silent mustard seed—and leave the moving of mountains to Him. 



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