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Amy J. Cattapan interviews Catholic novelist Kelsey Geitl about her latest historical fiction release.

"Cath-Lit Live!" features brief interviews with Catholic authors who are releasing new books. Hosted by Catholic author and speaker Amy J. Cattapan, "Cath-Lit Live!" gives viewers a glimpse into the latest Catholic books while getting to know a bit about the author as well. 


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Dusk Shall Weep (Larksong Legacy Book 2) by Kelsey Geitl

Six months after traveling the westward trail, the town of Larksong isn’t the utopia the Lark Family imagined. Instead, it’s falling apart, much like Coraline Shay’s life. Due to a degenerative eye disease, her vision is failing. Once blind, rather than helping to build Larksong, she’ll become a burden on her already disgruntled sister. To protect them both, Coraline swallows her guilt and devises a plan to trap an honorable man into marriage. Luckily, her chosen target doesn’t believe in divorce.   

Jamison Lark always felt called to be a priest, until family obligation drove him west. He uses his Gift as a physician to help Larksong, but his contributions never feel like enough. When Coraline professes unexpected affections for him, Jamison’s own feelings for her are overshadowed by his doubts. For the first time, he faces a test of faith he’s not sure he has the strength to pass. When war is waged between the native tribes and the United States Government in nearby Seattle, Coraline and Jamison face challenges which threaten to tear them apart for good. Could this be the end of everything they love, or are their fractured lives more extraordinary than they ever imagined?  




About the Author

Kelsey Gietl is the author of six novels. Combining faith, family, and lessons from our past, her books provide inspirational stories with a dose of romance and a dash of intrigue. She lives in Missouri with her husband, two children, and two dogs and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Catholic Writers Guild.  




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