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Amy J. Cattapan interviews CWG member Karina Fabian about the new short story in her Dragon Eye, P.I. series.

"Cath-Lit Live!" features brief interviews with Catholic authors who are releasing new books. Hosted by Catholic author and speaker Amy J. Cattapan, "Cath-Lit Live!" gives viewers a glimpse into the latest Catholic books while getting to know a bit about the author as well. 



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Siren Spell: A Dragon Eye, P.I. Short Story by Karina Fabian

What could challenge a dragon more than being human? When a curse turns Vern human, he does not have time to deal with it; Sister Grace’s cousin has gone missing in the Mundane. Besides, how hard could humaning be? He might even enjoy it for a while. But from stubbed toes to fever dreams of emus, he discovers that humaning is not as easy as it seems. When women throw themselves at him, the unfamiliar hormones catch him off guard – especially because his heart, dragon and human, belongs to the nun who is his best friend. Can he master his new emotions and solve the mystery before Grace becomes the kidnapper’s next victim?




About the Author

By day, Karina Fabian freelance writes business articles. After hours, she’s a snarky dragon who thinks he saves the world all too regularly, a psychic who’s desperate to save his world; a zombie exterminator who just wants her world clear of undead vermin, and Catholic religious sisters whose callings have taken them off our world. She enjoys Florida life with her husband, Rob. They have four adult children, two dogs, and a rocket company. Last year, she started taking standup comedy classes because she's a glutton for punishment.




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