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Amy J. Cattapan interviews Susan De Bartoli about her book, Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio.

"Cath-Lit Live!" features brief interviews with Catholic authors who are releasing new books. Hosted by Catholic author and speaker Amy J. Cattapan, "Cath-Lit Live!" gives viewers a glimpse into the latest Catholic books while getting to know a bit about the author as well. 


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Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio by Susan De Bartoli

In Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio, Susan De Bartoli shares stories and wisdom from the life of this humble monk to show how we can use our unique spiritual gifts to love others and draw from the well of faith to encounter Christ in profound ways. Through the stories of this simple Capuchin priest, you’ll discover what is possible for those who surrender themselves to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. At Baptism, we all receive the fruits of the Spirit—gifts like wisdom, fortitude, and piety—that empower us to “dive deep” into the well of faith. The Holy Spirit also graces some of us with special charisms—supernatural gifts such as healing, teaching, or intercessory abilities—intended to serve the Church. In this book, you’ll learn how to nurture these gifts, just as Padre Pio did, so that even your “ordinary” spiritual gifts and charisms can bless others and deepen your own faith.  

Susan De Bartoli 

About the Author 

Susan De Bartoli, a devout follower of Padre Pio, is a pilgrimage director and writer. Having journeyed to numerous Marian sites worldwide, Susan founded Little Flower Pilgrimages in 1990 to share these sacred experiences with others. Susan writes a weekly column called “Through the Fields of My Mind” about the Italian pop opera group “Il Volo.” The newsletter reaches thousands of fan clubs worldwide with approximately five million followers, many of whom are also devotees of Padre Pio. In 2017, Susan joined the Board of Directors of the Padre Pio Foundation of America. Susan is a Lady Commander of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. 


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