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Catholic Mom contributor Julie Storr enters deep into the prayers of the Mass in her weekly Lectio the Liturgy podcast.

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This month's featured podcast, Lectio the Liturgy, by Catholic Mom contributor Julie Storr, is episode 56: Prayer after Communion for the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Give a woman a phrase, and she's going to want a visual to go with it.

That's how it all started for Julie Storr. You know those times - when you ask God to show you something amazing in Scripture. One weekend during Easter of 2016, the only thing that popped off the page of Scripture was "so that."

So what was I supposed to do with that? "Nothing" was my first reaction because really, what kind of conjunction is that, anyway? Next week, another "so that" appeared. THEN, I went home and started diagramming Scripture, and I found myself, each day, diagramming a new verse. This method made the Scripture, and the Prayers of the Liturgy come alive. (p.s. "So that" is not like an equal sign.)

Julie Storr is a convert and Benedictine Oblate who is in awe of the depth of the relationship with God that can be found in the Catholic Church. Julie and her husband live in Pocahontas, Iowa. They have two sons and are learning girl things from a new daughter-in-law. Julie writes and is available for speaking engagements. Visit her website at LectioTheLiturgy.com.

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