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Catholic Mom contributor Karen Estep shares insight into family life in her podcast, Stand, Kneel, Now What? 

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This month's featured podcast, Stand, Kneel, Now What? by Catholic Mom contributor Karen Estep, is the episode titled Mass Mistakes. 


from Karen's page:

Whether you are a cradle Catholic, Catholic curious, or have come home to the Catholic Church as an adult, like I have, Stand, Kneel, Now What is for you. Through my love and lots of blunders, my goal is to help you along your faith journey. Our paths may be different but all of our roads need to lead us to Home with our Father.

In this episode I will talk about the major Mass mistakes my husband and I made with our children...we didn't think our eldest child was going to want to take their First Holy Communion due to our mistakes! I also give some tips, tricks, and resources if you have younger children attending Mass with you!

Karen Estep is the host of the podcast Stand, Kneel, Now What? In coming home to the Catholic faith as an adult she hopes to share her love of the Church on a daily basis. Karen has been shown many graces through the Sacraments even through all of her blunders. She hopes to help other adults navigate their faith journey as well.

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