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Elizabeth Reardon contemplates the need to take a leap of faith and abandon the comfort of our safety nets.

Never a strong swimmer by any means, the mere idea of treading water is completely unappealing to me. As well is the comfort of being within reach of the shore, and the proximity of my toes on the safety of the bottom. Every inch of distance apart requires surrender, faith and trust. Yet, while there is risk in venturing out there is also promise of new discoveries never to be found in the shallow.

The treasures of the day: the perfect sand dollar tucked away under a shiny blue mussel, and the brightly colored conch shell alongside the finger like coral just out of arm’s length. Seems like an easy choice, right? Well, not if we consistently cling to the safety of the familiar and certain. For, then even though we might glimpse the possibility of a fortune that awaits we cannot let go to claim it. God asks each one of us to be open to the disclosure of His will, to embrace the beauty that lies in surrender and the joy that springs forth from change.


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Several years ago, our family finally made the decision to move closer to where my husband and I both work. Having tried for the three years prior to find a new home in the area, we had most certainly been down this road before. So what makes this time different? Abandonment of the safety net that we had so insisted on before. After prayerful discernment, we decided to move without the contingency that our home sells first. Trusting that God will work out the rest, we are taking a leap of faith.

Sometimes, the right decision is not the easiest one.

Though this is the right decision for the family our youngest was perhaps the most impacted by the consequences of change. Heading into the 8th grade, he was leaving behind his friends, school and home that he has known his entire life. All to move into a community where he knew no kids his own age, at a time where acceptance is paramount.

"Mom, I understand that this move is good for everyone else but I can't see how I am benefiting at all."
"Thomas, do you trust me?"
"Yes, of course mom."
"Have your dad and I ever made a decision without considering every member of our family?"
"No, I don't think so."
"Good. Because your dad and I are looking at the big picture and God is revealing wonderful things to come for our family, especially more time with one another, in this move. Just like my earlier question to you, He is asking us to trust him."
"It is important that you know how hard this is for me. I am thankful, though, that you are listening."
"I will always listen, and your dad and I are always here for you. Thomas, you see the gifts that you are clutching in one hand -- your friends and home and their value. But sometimes God wants to give us more, that can only be taken with both hands. That doesn't mean that we lose completely what we had but that are open to the greater that He promises."

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God asks each one of us to be open to the disclosure of his will, to embrace the beauty that lies in surrender and the joy that springs forth from change. #catholicmom

Pray: Father, you are the Giver of all good gifts. Help me today, in this moment, to surrender my will to Yours. Help me not to be so content in the life that I have that I refuse to embrace the life you have meant for me. Though not always the easiest path, let me trust you always. Knowing that there are so many opportunities that await in the offering.

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